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You treat your materials with care, and it’s important to you for these to look their best for many years. Blankets become damp from rain, condensation and perspiration. Using the SeBo Dryer ensures fast and even drying of your blankets, for a prolonged lifespan of your materials and ultimate comfort for your horses. SeBo Dryers are also ideal for drying neck pieces, saddle pads and fetlock boots.


SeBo dryer in drying room

Blanket dryer for fast and efficient drying

The patented SeBo Dryer dries your valuable materials using strategically placed heating pipes. Specially designed for equestrians, the system provides quick and highly efficient results. Damp blankets are dry and ready for use within 3 hours. Blanket coatings remain unaffected during drying to optimally preserve the quality of your materials. Blankets and pads retain their softness for optimum comfort during use.



Crafted from stainless steel for maintenance-free use and excellent strength



Ergonomic use

Hanging a large, damp blanket above the ground is strenuous and cumbersome. The SeBo Dryer is designed to fold down so that blankets can be draped over the rack with ease by adults and children alike. Ergonomic use and safety provide significant advantages! Several innovative clips secure the blankets while the rack is folded upward with minimal effort. Activate the system with your foot to begin the drying process. The SeBo dryer shuts off automatically after 3 hours for optimum convenience.

blanket rack with Sebo dryer



Automatically turns off after a 3-hour cycle



equestrian blanket dryer

Single or fourfold blanket dryer

The SeBo dryer is available in two standard versions – a single or fourfold heated rug rack. With a fourfold drying system, the dryers can be switched on separately. This allows you to apply the rack in heated or unheated mode.



No damage to waterproof coatings



SeBo and efficiency

At SeBo we believe in high-quality products dedicated to improved performance. The SeBo Dryer is a prime example of this. Our patented system contributes to an efficient professional environment that fosters performance. Emphasis is placed not only on ease of use but also on quality which is why the system is crafted from stainless steel to guarantee a long-lasting product. The system also features organic, non-toxic fluid for a frost-resistant product suitable for year-round outdoor use.

dry-cleaned horses



Ergonomic use with rotation and lift feature



SeBo dryer systems - the SeBo Dryer

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Partners of SeBo supply our innovative products, like the SeBo Tack cart and SeBo Dryer. They can provide you with information and take care of the delivery of these products. Would you like to know who our partners are? Contact us. Or view this page for our partners in Europe.

Single horse rug dryer SeBo

List price Single dryer €795,-

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fourfold horse rug dryer SeBo

List price Fourfold dryer €2450,-

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