SeBo® horse rug dryer

The blanket that you used for your horse can be heavy in the spring or autumn after a heavy rain shower. They often end up on the ground in the first place. Recognizable? SeBo® Interior & Equipage has now found the perfect solution for this in the form of the SeBo® Dryer! This handy rug dryer has a folding function that makes it easy for everyone to hang large blankets. This allows you to quickly and easily dry blankets or other material, such as tendon protectors. The damp blankets are completely dry again within 3 hours and ready to be stored or used again. The special thing about our horse rug dryer, the SeBo dryer, is that it switches itself off automatically. So you don’t have to go into the stable late at night and you can let the blankets dry at any time. This certainly improves durability, with this rug dryer your material will last much longer!

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SeBo dryer in drying room

Horse blanket rack of high quality

But how did we come up with the idea to make and design a blanket rack ourselves? As you know by now, at SeBo® we love good, high-quality products. We believe that our customers have chosen their materials with care and want to handle it with care. The neat storage of material is therefore also included. Based on that vision, we manufacture our custom made luxury saddle rooms and we started to make our own horse rug dryer. With the SeBo® Dryer your precious material dries on a single or quadruple heated blanket rack. With a four-fold system, the dryers can also be switched on separately from each other.


Crafted from stainless steel for maintenance-free use and excellent strength

Ergonomic use

Hanging a large, damp blanket above the ground is strenuous and cumbersome. The SeBo Dryer is designed to fold down so that blankets can be draped over the rack with ease both by adults and children. Ergonomic use and safety provide significant advantages! Several innovative clips secure the blankets while the blanket rack is folded upward with minimal effort. Activate the system with your foot to begin the drying process. The SeBo dryer shuts off automatically after 3 hours for optimum convenience.

blanket rack with Sebo dryer


Automatically turns off after a 3-hour cycle

equestrian blanket dryer

Single or fourfold rug dryer

The SeBo blanket dryer is available in two standard versions – a single or fourfold heated rug rack. With a fourfold drying system, the rug dryers can be switched on separately. This allows you to use the rack in heated or unheated mode.


No damage to waterproof coatings

SeBo and efficiency

At SeBo we believe in high-quality products dedicated to improved performance. The SeBo horse rug dryer is a beautiful example of this. Our patented system contributes to an efficient professional environment that fosters performance. Emphasis is placed not only on ease of use but also on quality which is why the system is crafted from stainless steel to guarantee a long-lasting product. The system also features organic, non-toxic fluid for a frost-resistant product suitable for year-round outdoor use.

dry-cleaned horses


Ergonomic use with rotation and lift feature

SeBo dryer systems - the SeBo Dryer

Advice on the SeBo dryer

The SeBo horse rug dryer can be installed in countless places due to its design. Not only is the system made as compact as possible, but the system is also frost-resistant, which means it can be installed almost anywhere. Please note that a socket must be positioned near the horse blanket rack to use the heating function. In addition, it is important that you take into account the recommended reserved space for the rack. Do you want to know for sure if you can install the system? Please contact us before you order the rug dryer so that we can advise you on its placement.

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With our blanket rack for your horse you are assured of a quick drying process for all your precious materials. When making the horse rug dryer, we also focused on maintaining the quality of the items, for example, the coating of the blankets is not affected during drying. The stainless steel of which the horse blanket rack is made provides a tough, solid look which fits beautifully in any tack room or drying room and it is also a durable product. The only thing you have to take into account is the proximity of a power outlet. You can leave the rest to the SeBo® Dryer! Are you curious whether the our horse rug dryer is the solution for you? Then contact our customer service and we will be happy to explain it in detail.