We start with a good conversation

We start by making an appointment, just to get acquainted. It always works best if we can do that at the location where the project will take place. We’ll discuss all your needs and wishes at length — all of them, including the wishes that you might otherwise consider impossible. Then SeBo takes some time to draw up a design.


sebo potlood



SeBo Rough Sketch design process



We present our plans

Then we make an appointment with you to go through our plans. All our descriptions and drawings should give you a clear picture of things. Of course, we’re open to every suggestion and every adjustment. Once you have finalised your choice, we provide a detailed price quotation. In this way, you understand SeBo’s approach to the project before spending a single cent.

duimstok sebo



SeBo Wood colors colours oak mahogany black



SeBo design 3D mahogany



Craftsmanship and mastery

SeBo operates as a closely knit team. Every team member constitutes an important link in the production process. The designers and craftspeople who carry out the project form a perfect team. What is more, we always put together a project group that sees to the planning, administration and communication with you, the client. And we keep it all under one roof. So it’s no exaggeration to say that SeBo ranks among the leading producers in the field.



SeBo detail profile wood

SeBo varnish wood white



SeBo craftsmanship eye check detail



The best result

It’s our love of craftsmanship in precise designs and expert installation that makes the difference. As a family business, we do everything ourselves, from consultation and the first sketches to the fi nal delivery. We see this as the only way we can guarantee the best result.

SeBo endproduct design mahogany hardstone leather



team sebo