A tack room design by SeBo®

As a horse owner, you prefer to have everything in order: you take care of your horse(s) with a lot of love and good care and the same applies to your equipment of course. To keep all your material in good condition, you must of course handle it with care and a clean tack room organization is must. A suitable tack room décor helps you with this. Choose SeBo® Interior & Equipage as your partner and you can be sure that the tack room layout is particularly practical. The beautiful cabinet work in the style of your preference is of course a great “bonus”. Do you want a specific type of wood? Contact us and see if this wood type or appearance is possible and we will create the tack room design of your dreams.

Furnishing tack room décor of the best quality

What can you expect from SeBo®? In the first place, we listen carefully to the ideas and wishes of our customers with regard to a high-quality, but practical tack room design. We deliver tailor-made solutions, so everything starts with mapping out your wishes and a complete tack room layout before we get started. Furthermore, you can expect us to work only with materials of the best quality and a tack room design by SeBo® always has a clean tack room organization as its base. Finally: you are assured a perfect end result due to our many years of expertise.

Tack room with saddle supports in detail

Robust saddle racks

Saddle racks have been developed in close consultation with saddlers. The roundness of the wood prevents pressure points and the shape provides complete support for the saddle. The use of wood provides the necessary moisture regulation. If saddle racks are mounted in a locker, we provide the saddle racks with a retractable system where your saddle comes out of the cupboard. Your saddle is therefore easy to pack or store.

Functional holders for bridles

The bridle holders made of rounded wood ensure that the leather is not damaged and is moisturizing. The curvature has a broad base so that it supports the bridle well. A second button used in the holder offers the possibility of hanging reins.

Tack room with bridle holders in detail

Tack room with cap supports in detail

Your safety helmet at your fingertips

The safety helmet holders are made of stainless steel and have a strong, light, open construction for moisture regulation. The safety helmet holders are available in multiple colors and can be combined with the style of the tack room. The holders are practical and aesthetic at the same time.



Good ventilation is necessary

To maintain your equipment properly, proper ventilation is necessary. This is easy to realize in an open space, but in a locker that requires the right materials and processing. SeBo has the experience and gladly discusses with you the different options concerning the choice of wood and possibilities for optimal ventilation.

tack room with plenty of storage space and ventilation

Comfort in every way

We make products that make your daily work more functional and pleasant. SeBo has already shown that this can very well go hand in hand with aesthetics and atmosphere. The comfort is also of essential importance. That is why SeBo offers the option to provide sofas for cushions. You can choose from a varied selection of leather or imitation leather. This way you create a comfortable seat where you can prepare yourself at ease.

Tack room furnishing: sofa with leather upholstery



tack room furnishing: bench with light leather upholstery



Beautiful lockers, practical and durable

Thinking about and developing new ideas, innovating products and production methods is characteristic of SeBo. With passionate designers you are assured of solution-oriented concepts and novelties in your designs. The functionality is leading at all times and we use the space optimally up to the last cm2.

Tack room with custom cabinet layout

Optimal space for your tack room organization

To create an efficient tack room décor there are many components that we have to take into account. We know the harness and grooming equipment for horses comes in many shapes and sizes and will create a tack room layout around the ones that you use. The following applies to all our projects: you as a customer indicates what you need for the ideal tack room organization. We process it into a fully customized tack room design. Think of helmet holders, whip holders, blanket racks, blanket brackets, bridle holders. The saddle racks are an important and indispensable part of the design. These have been developed in collaboration with an experienced saddle maker. The carriers ensure optimum support for the saddle, so this comes very close. Here too, we embrace the natural properties of wood in the tack room design, which ensures the necessary moisture regulation. As you can see, at SeBo® we think of every detail for our customers, so that you can soon enjoy the perfect design of your tack room!

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