A SeBo tack room, practical and delightful

A fully equipped tack room with smart functionalities. SeBo tack rooms not only exist of beautiful cupboards, but are also very practical and durable. It truly is amazing to experience the functionality of a luxury tack room every day. Your saddles, reins and riding boots are conveniently stored here. In addition, a sink and sturdy workplace ensure comfortable maintenance of your material, which shouldn’t be a luxury in saddle rooms. Finally, it is designed to preserve your valuable material. We listen to your ideas and wishes. Every centimeter of space is fully utilized.

Saddle, bridle and grooming equipment, in a well-equipped tack room you can store everything for your horse in an orderly manner. We believe that such a room is more than just a “storage room” for storing saddles and horse harnesses. That idea is reflected in the practical designs of SeBo® Interior & Equipage. In addition, we are inspired to turn wood, with all its shades, types and characteristics, into an excellent end result every time. Each product complies 100% with the high quality standards. We will not settle for less.

Wood sebo

Wood. The heart of a stylish design

Wood brings back nature into an interior. SeBo® Interior & Equipage is known for their years of experience in professional woodworking and is very skilled in processing all kinds of wood. Wood has beautiful color nuances and gives your tack room a warm appearance. This makes the luxury tack rooms of SeBo real pieces of art.



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European oak tack room

Luxury tack rooms made of European oak are true purebred workhorses when it comes to the design. No unnecessary decorations, but complete focus on the specific look and feel of this type of wood. Well thought out cupboards with or without a sink, both manufactured by SeBo professionals. These are no-nonsense tack rooms for both the professional and the private stable owner. Feel and smell the wood and note the details. You’ll enjoy the comfort and functionality every day.

tack room oak with recessed spotlights



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tack room with storey floor

Classic mahogany for luxury tack rooms

This very chic and impressive tack room in mahogany is a showpiece for every stable and has a special “royal character” with its glossy mahogany furniture, exclusive fabrics and decorated balustrades. The majestic chandelier completes the classic look. For this project SeBo realized an area in the same style where guests are welcomed.



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Blending classic and modern

A typical example of a luxury tack room where SeBo was given complete freedom to realize a design for a to-be-built tack room. The result is a mix of a classic and modern design, where mahogany wood, Belgian bluestone and black details were used. By combining these materials with clean lines, a beautiful minimalistic design was created.

Sebo tack room with natural stone work island



The natural properties of wood protect your precious tack



Tack room oak in carbon black

Stunning and practical

This modern and stylish tack room is made from Carbon Black oak and has classic details that integrated in every part of the design. The end result is uniform and practical: the stainless steel bars next to the barn doors have the same appearance as the stair bars.


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The atmosphere in a tack room strongly depends on the details that are used for the finishing, such as a Belgian hardstone floor, stainless steel rods or exclusive fabrics. Finally, comfort is truly essential. That is why we offer the option to provide sofas with leather or imitation leather cushions. Would you like to know more about the possibilities that we offer to design and complete your luxury tack room? Contact us via the contact form or call +31 416 530 700 for an appointment. We are happy to inform you about our great craftsmanship!