Tack room design, quality and durability

Not only do you get beautiful cabinet work, you also have a highly practical and durable tack room that will offer you years of pleasure. SeBo pays particular attention to humidity control so that its saddle rooms offer the best possible environment for your precious tack. Curious how we work? Read more



Wood. The heart of an interior

It is nature in silent form with her beautiful colour nuances and an endless gradation in patterns that makes it come to life. The heart of every piece of furniture. For more inspiration check our gallery here.






Sturdy tack room built of European oak

This workhorse of a saddle room is built of European oak. There are no unnecessary frills. The wood itself has its very own look and feel. It offers well-planned cabinet work, with or without wash basin, and all built by the craftsmen at SeBo. This is a no-nonsense, top-of-the-line saddle room for professional and private stables. You can feel and smell this wood, see the detailing, and enjoy its convenience and functionality — every day.




Tack room in high-gloss mahogany

This elegant, impressive mahogany tack room is a centrepiece for any stable. Adding a storey in a high space is an effective way of increasing floor space. It is here that practicality and fine detail go hand-in-hand. You get it — inventiveness, efficiency, craftsmanship and design are SeBo’s core values.




Beautiful can be classic too

SeBo designed an extremely spacious, two-floor tack room for a large dressage stable. The room has a regal character with its gleaming mahogany furniture, exclusive fabrics and decorated balustrades. The atmosphere is further emphasised by the majestic chandelier. The result is a tack room reminiscent of a classic library. SeBo also designed a salon, in the same style, where the guests are welcomed.




Eye-catching and practical

The modern, stylish tack room in Carbon Black oak features classic details that are reflected everywhere in the stables. The result is both uniform and practical: the stainless steel posts next to the stable doors have the same appearance as the stair rails in the tack room. Of you have any questions feel free to contact us.