SeBo Tack cart | multifunctional toolbox for riders

Often copied yet never equaled, our multifunctional tack cart is best described as a mobile toolbox for riders. The part that supports your saddle is rotatable, which means you can easily clean or maintain the bottom of your saddle, too. Convenient, robust, and yet a joy to behold. A unique combination? Not for SeBo.

multifunctional saddle trolley for 2 saddles, mobile in the stable

1 or 2 saddles.

We produce this tack cart in multiple sizes, to perfectly suit your demands. The tack cart is available in two sizes, with a width of 80 cm or 100 cm. The 100cm version has enough room to transport two saddles and features a larger drawer, which allows you to keep more items at hand.


The rotatable top allows for easy saddle maintenance

SeBo and efficiency

At SeBo, we believe in high-quality products that help you perform better. The tack cart is an excellent example of this. Daily tasks become easier, faster, and more enjoyable. You will always have your tools at hand, and the rotatable top makes maintaining your saddles very easy.

Tack cart mahogany in stables


Large, robust wheels for all ground and floor types

Tack cart easy maintenance

Rotatable for maintenance

Maintaining your valuable tack is important for its lifespan, and it keeps your items in prime condition. The design of our tack cart takes this into account. The part your saddle rests on can be rotated, so you can easily clean or maintain the bottom of your saddle.


Convenient, robust, and a joy to behold

Convenient drawer for your items

You will always have your items at hand when you need them. The drawer in the tack cart allows you to neatly store all your items. The drawer has a notch on the bottom, which allows you to open it with your foot if you have your hands full.

Integrated tack room with the SeBo tack cart mobile saddle cart


Highly durable thanks to the use of solid wood

saddle trolley with drawer and tray

Personalised for you

As always, SeBo listens to customers, which means the tack cart can be completely adjusted to your demands. For example, you can select the wood type and hue. Do you want your own logo in the drawer panel? Contact us for the possibilities.


Available in a variety of colours

Tack cart colour

Information & Partners

Partners of SeBo supply our innovative products, like the SeBo Tack cart and SeBo Dryer. They can provide you with information and take care of the delivery of these products. Would you like to know who our partners are? Contact us. Or view this page for our partners in Europe.