Inspired by wood

SeBo® Interior & Equipage is a unique company with two specialities that complement each other and inspire one another. Interior designs and manufactures exclusive furniture, while Equipage specialises in functional and comfortable usage for horse lovers.

Years of experience in the manufacturing of furniture and working with all different types of quality woods, has taught us richness in knowledge and expertise. This makes SeBo® Interior & Equipage one of the leaders in this industry.

The driving force behind our company is founder and owner René Blom. The man, inspired by wood, behind producing the perfect product created from wood, with all its nuances, types and characteristics. He makes sure products are 100% correct. SeBo® Interior & Equipage does not compromise on quality and perfection.


Our approach

We start by making an appointment, just to get acquainted. It always works best if we can do that at the location where the project will take place. We’ll discuss all your needs and wishes at length — all of them, including the wishes that you might otherwise consider impossible. Then SeBo takes some time to draw up a design.


What you can expect

At SeBo you can expect functional, innovative objects for every possible interior — each one a feast for the eye. Our beautifully crafted objects meet the highest quality standards in terms of functionality, design and craftsmanship. By consistently living up to these principles, in small or large projects, we have developed a considerable following at home and abroad.


Be convinced

Here is an array of projects from our portfolio. Let our website convince you of our qualities, and of the many reasons you should choose SeBo. Don’t hesitate get in touch with us through our contact page and ask for an appointment. Whether your project is large or small, you come first.



What then

Then we make an appointment with you to go through our plans. All our descriptions and drawings should give you a clear picture of things. Of course, we’re open to every suggestion and every adjustment. Once you have finalised your choice, we provide a detailed price quotation. In this way, you understand SeBo’s approach to the project before spending a single cent.